Why Did Apple’s Steve Wozniak Mysteriously Cancel His Trip To Istanbul?

The reason remains unclear.

The Apple co-founder was set to give a talk at Istanbul’s World Cities Expo today.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Over the weekend, the visionary tweeted from London that he was returning to the US because of an “[incompletely] contracted appearance” and “unsuitable” travel restrictions.”

A few Turkish fans were dismayed. One man responding to his tweet went ahead and asked him if there was anything that could be done.

Another suggested it was greed, plain and simple.

We may never know if it was a meager cash reward that put him off coming here. But that seems unlikely for the captain of industry who’s worth $100 million.

If his tweet is anything to go by, he may have been spooked by the security situation. Although terror in Istanbul is down since last year, a US State Department warning on travel in Turkey is still in effect. It seems he opted instead to take his dogs to the park and order them burgers back in California. Which is keeping it pretty safe, man.

Or maybe Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales had something to do with it. His invitation was canceled after access to his free online encyclopedia was blocked. (Which it still is, by the way — and ironically there’s a Wikipedia page about it that I can’t access without a proxy).

Earlier this month, Hurriyet Daily News reports, Wales was planning on coming to Istanbul, anyway, calling it one of his “favorite cities.” Not sure what happened to those plans, as he seems to be in Korea, judging from his Twitter page.

But seriously guys, Istanbul in the summer is amazing — US travel warnings and internet blocks, notwithstanding.