Turkish Airlines CEO References 13th Century Folk Hero To Mock UK Laptop Ban

It’s unclear if they got the joke.

Here’s the backstory: On Wednesday, July 5, the US finally lifted its ban on laptops in cabins on direct flights from Istanbul.

But for Turkish Airlines CEO Bilal Eksi, that’s not good enough. The UK still has a ban on laptops on direct flights from Istanbul.

So he tweeted this:

Literally, that translates to: Distinguished Ambassador @UKAmbRichard, Nasreddin Hoca says: “You believe the pot was born but not that it died?” We’re waiting…

Now, I’d be surprised if any British officials have taken the time to decode this. So for what it’s worth, let me share my reading of the Tweet:

There’s a Turkish jokester from the 13th century named Nasreddin Hoca (pictured above). Hoca is a title of respect indicating a learned person. He’s a semi-mythical figure with a tale for every situation. If you have a Turkish parent (or two), you’ve probably heard a number of his stories.

This particular tweet refers to a tale about a pot he borrowed, which lives on by various names, including “The Pot That Died.”

The (abridged) folk tale goes like this:

Nasreddin borrowed a pot and brought it back. When he returned it, there was a smaller pot inside of it. He told the person who lent it to him that the big pot gave birth.

Later, he borrowed the pot again. But he never came back with it. The person who lent the pot to him asked where it was. But he said it died. After all, if a pot could give birth, it could also die.

So, in essence, the CEO of Turkish Airlines is calling BS on the UK government for not lifting the ban yet. He’s basically asking: If it can be implemented, why can’t it be lifted?

But on a deeper level, he could also be mocking the ban itself. Just like the pot doesn’t actually give birth or die, maybe he sees the entire situation surrounding the ban as nonsense.

Did this analysis make sense? If so, the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs should thank me.

If not, please let us know your interpretation by commenting below or on our Facebook page.